Dear Developer –

Welcome to THIS WEBSITE UNDER As you can see from our home page, we are looking to connect small business owners with trustworthy, efficient, knowledgeable United States-based developers.

Here is how we work:

Each time a business owner fills in the form, we will send it to every developer who has listed themselves on To increase the quantity of leads, we will be advertising the website, using our SEO skills. To keep this website operating, we ask that developers pay a yearly fee to be listed.

WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WE SEE YOU AS PARTNERS – we know that being a good developer, ethically, you may not be interested in bidding on all of the website proposals. As long as you have participated in at least 10 bids (not event one a month!), if you do not get any of the business generated by, we will refund half the fee, or give you another year on the site at no charge.


1 YEAR – $597
2 YEAR – $957
3 YEAR – $1257

When you are accepted as a developer with, you also get the following bonuses:

  1. Free on-line marketing assessment – followed by a 30-45 minute phone follow up withHank and Sharyn Yuloff to get your marketing efforts focused
  2. Free admission to any of our Sedona Marketing Retreats Bootcamps – Los Angeles Edition held twice a year in the Los Angeles area
  3. We will look at any of your current marketing materials and give you a critique – method to improve.
  4. A copy of Hank’s books – The Marketing Checklist – 80 Simple Ways to Master Your Marketing
    and 49 Stupid Things People Do with Business Cards… and How to Fix Them.
  5. $1000 Off and Sedona Marketing Retreat weekend or one-on-one marketing plan development
  6. Admission in to the Sedona Marketing Retreat affiliate program.
  7. 15% discount on promotional products purchased for your business AND a 15% commission on any businesses you send our way that buy promotional products

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